Friday, 12 September 2014

News From Planet Evil Robot....

John Kasha....the man behind Evil Robot has read My Dog's Bollocks....and has given it a big thumbs up....but....and there is always a but isn't there....I have got the tube layout wrong....

The tube layout should read....

V1 - Front End Driver

V2 - A Side - Second Driver

V2 - B Side - Phase Inverter

"remember a tube is made up of 2 identical sides....I have gone over this in another post"

V3 - Mixer

"I have no idea what the V3 - Mixer Tube does - I will tell you when I figure it out"

V4 - loop

V5 - Vibrato

Mr Kasha has also designed a Up-Grade Mod for the C30 Evil Robots that brings these amps up to US standard 30w amp specs....John say's the mod will give "major improvements to the electronics with extended tube life and a warmer edge"....this up-grade is going to be only available from Kasha Amps and I'm asuming will be more of a amp techs job than a plug and play sort of job....He also told me that a new line of Evil Robot amps are coming out soon....

"this is not me talking to Mr Kasha by the way"

Below is the emails of our into it what you will....

John Kasha has left a new comment on your post "Evil Robot EVR-C30....and finally....Up-Dated...."

V6 is the Vibrato tube, V5 is the Effects loop... Nice writeup by the way...
I have a new mod for the C30 that changes it into more of the USA standard 30W version. If you want to know more, email me at


Me - I thought V6 was the Phase Inverter….so would that make V3 the Loop and V4 the Vibrato….and not the other way round as I thought. Yes your Mod would be awesome and I will change the tube info on my blog as soon as you can confirm the layout….just goes to prove you can never trust the internet.
Do you think you’ll ever do another Evil Robot or was it an awesome one off.


John Kasha - The EVR has a unique phase inverter using one side of V2.  V1 front end driver, V2 second driver (1/2), V3 Mixer, V4 loop, V5 Vibrato.  A very unique design, that’s why it is so different...

Yes, I have a new version and a new line of amps coming out soon.  Stay tuned...

My C30 mod is killer with major improvements to the electronics with extended tube life and a warmer edge.


Me - Can I be a pain….V3 Mixer….What does the mixer do in the amp….then I can put it all in the blog and how do you get the new mod….is it only in the US from you and what is the cost.


John Kasha - that’s as far as I can elaborate on the design to the public.  There’s some secret sauce in this design which is my signature.  The vibrato is my design in the C30, not Magnatone.  I have a new Vibrato design coming out in the new line that is awesome.

The mod is only available through me.  I have worked out a special shipping price for International customers.


All this made my day....I can't wait to get my hands on the new Evil Robot Amps....I have had more fun with my C30 than any other amp I have....and when you do email John please mention my bollocks....k.j.

Kasha Amplifiers

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