Friday, 12 April 2013

Egnater Footswitch Mod...

If your Egnater Footswitch has come with a hard wired will eventually crap out. Why they had to use 2 stereo jacks to plug it into the amp I will never know....when a easily bought everywhere midi cable would have worked so much better. I have posted this mod on the Egnater Forum but thought I'd post it hear as-well....

Mine broke in the cable near the footswitch so I had to mod it with a new detachable cable and a breakout box made from a Jacky D tin for coolness.

Anywho....if you go to my Photobucket page I've put up 25 photos that will clearly show how I've done it. The things you are going to need is 2x Chassis Socket, Din, 5p 180....that's a
female midi socket you can find off eBay. I used ones with a screw down locking ring but that was overkill....clearly. Midi cable of any length you think you'll use, a cheap 1 meter TRS cable to cut in half and use for the breakout box and a cool tin for the said breakout box.

It's another simple mod that shouldn't take too long....once done you'll never need to do it again....

Hope this is of use....k.j.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

9v Power Trip....

I always hated using 9volt batteries in my pedals....they were a pain changing them and it gets real expensive when you forget to un-plug a string of pedals. I first used a Dunlop Brick, I remember having a couple of them, they had a habit of stopping working.

I was then given a Diago Power Station 9v daisy chain power supply. I still have it and it goes to gigs with me as a back up.

I have also made up some quick plug-in 9v and 18v battery snaps for emergencies.

I carry a couple of these to every gig....plug and play

But over the years have ended up with a lot of pedals that run better on 18v "OCD-Amp Eleven-Heartbreaker".

I then got myself a T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon that rather annoyingly has been less than reliable, the power LED has died twice, went from a cool green colour to a same as everything else blue and then it really died and had to be repaired. "lucky it came with a 3 year warranty".

collectors item in 50 years....rofl 

For the last couple of years I've had a Voodoo Pedal Power 2 Plus that has powered all my pedals very happily with no problems.
5 year warranty with the Voodoo
The Power 2 Plus has a Auxiliary AC outlet that I have used to run both my Valvulator and my TC G-System through with no problems.
Pete Cornish thinks these are the Dogs Bollocks
I make up my own power lines for pedals that need 18volts and this is how you make them....
to use a 18v cable your power supply outputs needs to be "Isolated"
The cables are easy to make up yourself....hope this is of use....k.j.