Saturday, 30 March 2013

Egnater Replacment Fan Mod....

This is a re post from the Egnater Forum

Anyone know where I can get a better than OEM replacement fan? I'm on fan number 2 and now it's making noises less than a year later - I use the amp mostly at home...go figure.

Thanks - Chris

 Hi Chris, a few things you can do. You can replace the fan with any PC Case Fan, Nexus are very good but the Akasa LED Case fans are as good as you need. You will need to take the white plastic connecter off the Egnater fan, its quite easy. You don't need the Yellow/White wire on the new fan. You'll need to solder the Egnater connecter onto your new fan and your good to go. A few other things you can do....I have put a Zalman FanMate on my fan, this lets you turn down the power of the fan to stop it being so loud. It also reduces air flow, so I placed four rubber feet on the front Egnater grill under the screws this will give you a small gap between the amp chassis and the grill, and you can feel cool air being sucked through this gap. It's then just a mater of reducing the power of the fan till you stop hearing it. The fan on Renegade amps is very important, YOU DO NEED IT. A new fan, a FanMate and the gap has stopped the fan noise being noticeable when playing quiet at home but has also reduced the temperature build up in the amp, which is good, then when I'm playing a gig I just turn the Zalman fanMate up full, Easy.

 Hope this helps....k.j.