Friday, 12 April 2013

Egnater Footswitch Mod...

If your Egnater Footswitch has come with a hard wired will eventually crap out. Why they had to use 2 stereo jacks to plug it into the amp I will never know....when a easily bought everywhere midi cable would have worked so much better. I have posted this mod on the Egnater Forum but thought I'd post it hear as-well....

Mine broke in the cable near the footswitch so I had to mod it with a new detachable cable and a breakout box made from a Jacky D tin for coolness.

Anywho....if you go to my Photobucket page I've put up 25 photos that will clearly show how I've done it. The things you are going to need is 2x Chassis Socket, Din, 5p 180....that's a
female midi socket you can find off eBay. I used ones with a screw down locking ring but that was overkill....clearly. Midi cable of any length you think you'll use, a cheap 1 meter TRS cable to cut in half and use for the breakout box and a cool tin for the said breakout box.

It's another simple mod that shouldn't take too long....once done you'll never need to do it again....

Hope this is of use....k.j.

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  1. You rock Dude, real nice solve to an annoying issue (crappy molded cables) Great work !!!!