Wednesday, 6 February 2013

More Phil X that is healthy.....

so I've have been into Phil X and The Drills for a couple of years now. Found them through my love of all things Yamaha. Phil X (real name Theofilos Xenidis) has his own Yamaha SG signature guitar and that's how I found out about him. His Limited Edition SG is very cool and good for me is only available in Canada.

Lou Roppoli of Roppoli Amps and KAOS Music in Toronto

Phil X also does the very cool Fretted Americana videos on YouTube. Great little videos that show how a guitar, Strat or Les Paul's actually sound. It's very easy to mask a guitars tone with too much gain and too many pedals but in the videos it's just the guitar a amp and Phil.

Last year when The Drills came to the UK I missed them by about a week, found out too late, very guttered. This time I have my tickets....

.....through my stalking/research of Phil X and The Drills I came across a photo of the mighty Phil X in full on Rock God pose sporting a very nice buckle belt and I thought "hey I have one of those but mine doesn't have eyes".......but now it does.....

......but now I think I'm a bit sad and maybe I should stay home on the 28th just in case I meet him and turn into a bumbling little girl. KJ.

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